Can You Lose Weight With Yoga?

Can You Lose Weight With Yoga?

Yoga is a sophisticated and challenging mind body exercise that produces countless benefits on the physical and mental health and fitness of the body. Yoga has been known to do anything from tightening your muscles to changing your attitude towards life.

One of the important benefits that yoga offers is to help you lose weight. Although, it is true that the calorie count burn during an hour of yoga is less than an hour of aerobics, but yoga is exercise and it does work on your body to take off the extra pounds.

According to doctors and personal training experts, yoga’s deep breathing and slow poses can seriously trim and tone your body as well as improve your mental and spiritual fitness. There are some poses and yoga types that are more suitable for weight loss than others. As aforementioned, yoga is an aerobic exercise which can get you in shape when done at a moderate speed and you can significantly lose weight with yoga when done over a period of time and supervision of a yoga expert.

If you're not able to take advantage of a live class or trainer, try an at home digital yoga session.

Here are three postures that can help you lose weight with regular practice and commitment.

Half Moon Pose

Half-moon pose is great for toning your upper and inner thighs and buttock. When you stretch on the side of your tummy, it helps burn the fat as well as strengtens your core. You should avoid this if you have digestive disorders, a spine injury or high blood pressure. You should stand with your feet together and raise your hands above your head. Put your palms together and extend your arms toward the ceiling. Bend sideways from your hips with your elbows straight. Come back to the standing position and repeat the process on the other side.

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose helps with the weight loss as well as strengthening of thighs, buttock, tummy and back. You should stay clear of the pose if you have blood pressure and knee, back or shoulder problems. You should start by standing with your feet together and hands by your side. Extend your right leg forward and your left leg backward. Bend your knees to get into the lunge position. Twist your torso as to face your bent right leg. Turn your left foot sideways for support. Strengthen your arms and raise your body up. Stretch them upwards and tilt your torso backwards slowly. Your back should form an arch. Straighten your right knee, push off your right leg and reassume your original position. Repeat the post carefully and slowly.

Chair Pose

In addition to weight loss, chair pose strengthens the core muscles as well as tones the buttock and thighs. You should avoid this pose if you have back or knee injury. Assume the Namaste position and stand straight on your yoga mat. Raise your hand above your head and bend at the knee so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend your torso forward a bit and breathe. Maintain the position as long as possible and go back to the standing position.

Yoga Fitness Techniques

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