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Fiber Women's Yoga Pants Review (discontinued, please see bottom of article)

Yoga is one of the most popular fitness activities practiced by most people worldwide. However, to attain the maximum benefits from this form of exercise it is important that you wear the right type of clothing. Choosing the yoga bottoms appropriately can play a crucial in helping you perform your yoga poses at the highest level. However, since there are different types of yoga pant styles, namely the bootcut yoga pants, yoga Capri pants, Kundalini style yoga pants and fold over yoga pant, compression yoga pants are most commonly worn by yoga enthusiast. So, if you are looking at yoga compression clothing for women, choose to buy Fiber activewear leggings compression women’s yoga tights. 

Fiber Women's Yoga Pants: Features

• Supplex spandex Polyester 
• High-quality construction 
• Machine wash with like colors 
• Available in different colors and fun prints 

Fiber Women's Yoga Pants

Fiber Women's Yoga Pants: Pros

Comfortable: These yoga pants feature a wide and smooth waistband which sits close to your body and stays in place. In addition, the supplex material of the yoga pants not only lifts and contours the buttocks, but also provides comfortable compression support that hides lumps and bumps, giving your body the perfect shape. Moreover, the fabric is not seen- through, allowing you to bend and continue with your yoga practice comfortably without any kind of embarrassment. 

Beat The Heat: The fast drying fabric of these compression yoga pants helps wick sweat and moisture away from your body quickly and help you stay dry and cool. Staying dry during your yoga session not only helps you concentrate and improve your yoga practice to heap maximum physical, emotional and mental health benefits, but also helps prevent injury. 

Durable: Featuring 6 thread double lock stitch seams, these yoga leggings will not peel or fall apart in spite of its regular usage. These compression yoga leggings are made to last long and are worth every penny. 

Stylish: Available in stylish prints, these yoga leggings allow you to make a style statement even during your workouts. Pairing these yoga pants with solid or funky colored tops can help transform a dull boring yoga session to something that is more interesting and exciting. 

Fiber Women's Yoga Pants: Cons 

Not Suitable For Oversized People: Although these yoga pants are available in different sizes to provide a proper fit, many oversized users (especially those with bulky thighs) often it difficult to get into these leggings. 

Fiber Women's Yoga Pants Side

Fiber Women's Yoga Pants - Why should you buy compression yoga clothing?

• Compression yoga leggings are basically tight pants which feature a high waist that uses elastic materials and Lycra to compress and engage the torso. 
• Wearing compression yoga pants helps boost flow to your core as you exercise. This is because wearing this type of clothing applies pressure to particular areas of your body, forcing to propel blood back to your heart, thereby increasing blood flow without using up more energy. 
• Compression clothing is worn during yoga practice also help boost blood flow within the muscles and prevent lactic- acid built up. This helps you to train harder and for extended periods of time. 
• Compression yoga pants help compress muscles, provide support and discourage muscle movement. This not only helps reduce the microdamage to the muscles causes due to vigorous exercising, but also eases muscle pain both during and after exercising. 
• Compression clothing also helps protects your joints. Wearing this type of yoga clothing help alleviate and prevent injuries associated with sudden, uncontrolled movement during the exercise routine. 

Wearing proper yoga gear can play a crucial role in helping you enjoy your yoga sessions to the fullest. However, with a wide variety of yoga clothing available in the market, choosing the right one can sometimes become a difficult task. When choosing yoga pants, ensure that fabric is breathable, is not transparent and provides you a perfect fit. A perfect yoga pant is the one that conforms to your body perfectly without feeling too tight or too loose. Investing in good yoga clothing such as the Fiber Women’s Yoga Pants is a great way to keep your practice stay comfortable and trendy.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We’re in the process of updating our review and will be suggesting Yogi’s consider this product as a good alternative.