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Yoga has become one of the favorite exercises for most people around the world. However, most hot yoga fans usually find it difficult to deal with the sweating involved with the yoga practice and often find themselves sliding and slipping on the mat due to excessive perspiration. The problem can be solved considerably by investing in a yoga towel. Yoga towels are super absorbent and are designed to be non- slip. When placed on the yoga mat, these exercise towels help keep your body and face sweat free during exercise, helping you stay dry and safe on the mat. So if you are looking to buy the best yoga towel n the market, choose the Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel. 

• Available in two sizes- Full-size towel(72×26 inches) and hand towel size( 16×26.5inch) 
• Thin and absorbent with suede-like texture 
• Has an injury free design 
• Dries quickly 

Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel In Use

Helps improve your postures: Placing this hot yoga towel on the yoga mat helps create a stable, solid and slip-free foundation for practice. When the risk of slipping or sliding on your mat is reduced, a yogi can stay focused and hold their yoga poses for a longer period of time, allowing one to achieve maximum benefits of yoga. 

Stay hygienic and healthy: A yoga mat, if not cleaned periodically, can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Using this yoga towel on your mat helps protect you from these germs and infection found on mats on a retreat or the one in the studio. Covering your mat with this hot yoga towels helps create a hygienic layer between you and the mat. All you need to do is to simply launder your hot yoga towel after your practice to keep your yoga area hygienic and enhance your workout experience 

Stay light and carefree: Carrying your yoga mat to and fro to a yoga studio can be an uphill task. Unlike a yoga mat which is usually big, heavy and chunky and does not fit easily into your handbag, yoga towels are light and can be folded small to fit even in small spaces inside your gym or yoga bags. Carrying your own yoga towel to class and use it on a studio mats can help you stay light and carefree. 

Versatile: Apart from using this exercise towel to stay dry and fresh during hot yoga, this hot yoga towel can be carried to your Zumba class or to your gym to be used to keep yourself dry during rest time or after are finished with your workouts. 

A great alternative to Yoga Mat: If you have forgotten to bring your yoga mat or exercise mat to class, using a hot yoga towel will not help provide a spot to do floor exercises, but also prevent any discomfort and bruising from a hard fall. 

Helps increase the life of your Yoga mat: Regular use of a yoga mat can lead to wear and tear, compelling you to buy a new one for your yoga practice. However, if you use a yoga towel on your mat, it forms a protective covering on the mat and protects it from developing tears and holes that are caused due to friction. 
No grip: Most users have complained that using the Shandali Gosweat hot yoga towel during yoga practices have made it difficult for them to continue with the practice comfortably. This is because the towel would either bunch up or turn into a crinkly mess or keep shifting from one place to another, making it difficult to maintain balance during the practice sessions. 

Not too absorbent: The yoga towel does not absorb all the sweat, thereby making it difficult for a user to stay relaxed in a particular yoga pose. It is therefore not a great yoga gear all those who tend to sweat excessively. 
Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat is suitable for those yogis that –
• Want a mat that feels firm 
• Need reasonable support under elbows and knees
• Do not want a mat that absorbs moisture and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria 
• Do their yoga practice in dry conditions
• Want a mat that is durable and is backed by a lifetime warranty. 
Don’t buy a Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat if –
• You want extremely good padding 
• Want a fairly heavy mat 
• Are planning to do yoga in wet conditions 
• Want your mat to be extra soft

Shandali Gosweat hot yoga towel is available in light pink, teal, dark blue, purple, dark pink and light blue colors and can be used to keep you year gear fashionable. Go natural and muted or bright and bold – whatever fits to suit your workout gear style. Stay comfortable, stay healthy, stay stylish, and invest in a hot yoga towel today. 

If you’re interested in purchasing the Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Town, it’s available via this link.